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  • Valerie
    hi there! how would this be accomplished in code?
  • roxy_hyperlink
    roxy_hyperlink replied to the thread Virtual Reality.
    VR has been an incredible workout tool for me! im lucky enough to have never experienced VR sickness, despite getting easily car-sick. With the Quest 2 our library is a little stunted, and we dont have a connector cable for it, but with our new...
  • roxy_hyperlink
    roxy_hyperlink replied to the thread Discussion Steam Deck.
    The only real reason i'd want a steam deck is for the dock that lets me access my steam library from my tv. that would be nice. otherwise idk if im enough of a handheld player for it to be worth my while, and most of the handheld stuff i want to...
  • woods
    woods reacted to RefresherTowel's post in the thread OFFICIAL GMC Scrapbook with Like Like.
    I never noticed this post before. Kinda weird to put faces to names, but there's a lot of broken images tho, hahaha. Here's me in Tasmania: And here's some cat tax: Leila being my spirit animal ^ And Leila, Little Meow (on the right) and...
  • Pixel-Team
    so by all means whats the theme this time? :cool:
  • Pixel-Team
    Thats very true. The judging adds some extra time fore sure. And two weeks for my back to recover........ And Evanski gives us seniors the game theme a week in advance so thats shortens it even more........
  • TailBit
    TailBit replied to the thread GML Animate Sprite Frames.
    I tested the bottom one and it worked It had some typos.. img_ind should have been img_index and missing ( and ) Edited the code in my last post
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  • N
    And this is not Sparta. The sticky threads are stickied because they're important and there's no excuse for not reading them.
  • T
    If you look at lines 166 to 173 of, you will see that it mentions the application surface. // Clear draw_clear_alpha(0, 0); // Scale & draw the application surface // (application surface can be substituted with any...
  • Mr Magnus
    The power of friendship!
  • E
    EmperorHouse replied to the thread Multifunction Button.
    When I create button I only have one state value per button. It can be one of enum States {idle, hover, press, hold, release} and I cause the action for clicking it to take place on the released state. I don't use the press/release mouse button...
  • jose creative
    hello i wanted to know how do i do a item slot system that works like this: - the slot is a single object - a for loop is done to create the slots - every slot has a separate item on creation (i already done the part for creation the slots but...
  • EvanSki
    @EvanSki cough it up....I'm certainly one of the older people here, not that but I'll let you call me a senior if you cough up that theme :)
  • E
    Yeah, this is about it. I used MRT to draw the base and normal textures to their own surfaces without having to set up additional render batches. Then when drawing a light source it samples the base and normal surface at a given pixel and outputs...