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Hello, Masked Ninja Games has a brand new Demo just in time for Halloween. Zombie Gaunt is a top down shooter with Killing Zombies as the main objective. Collect loot to upgrade and purchase new weapons. Search through a Huge House full of Zombies. Solve Puzzles to open new doors and passages. This Demo has just been submitted to: for the Halloween Fear Game Jam currently going on. Please check out the demo and lemme know what you think!
And remember, It's okay to play your whole day away!!!
Thanks again,
James - Masked Ninja Games

Check out a Video of Zombie Gaunt:

Check out some Screen Shots:



Ches Rowe

The graphics and animations are pretty good. Although I really do not like the controls, I feel like the movement should use the WASD keys instead of just W and S. As of now, there just isn't too much to keep you playing the game.


I played your DEMO, and this is what I think:

  • I've seen these zombies and player sprites all over the place. Maybe you should create an outline pf that player and do something simple like changing the color of his shirt.
  • The mechanics are meh. Consider changing the controls to WASD. Only W moves forward and you have to "steer" with the mouse. It's a good idea, but doesn't fit your game.
  • I went into the "How to Play" screen, and I had a hard time finding out how to go to the next part. You should make it a little more clear.
  • Add more zombies! It's almost too easy at first.
  • The melee attack isn't too great. Zombies within a 10 foot diameter of your player get hit no matter what direction you are facing.
Great job other than those few things! I really enjoyed playing your game. Keep up the great work!
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Masked Ninja Games

This is exactly why I like to release games here!! I love the feedback! I can honestly say, sometimes as a designer, I really never know how the game should be played. In other words, sometimes it's hard to figure out how exactly how the player should move, attack, switch weapons ....all that good stuff! This forum helps with that! So thanks again, this was just the demo prelim to get a feel of the game, and thanks to all the comments, I have a good feeling of how to go forward! I have until Oct. 31st to finish this game for the game jam! I will update as the game progresses...
Thanks again!
James - Masked Ninja Games