Alpha Ziamiaron


Download: Size: 2.8MB
File Type: .zip
Version: v0.02

This is just a tiny little side project I've been working on for a day or two, let me know what ya think! ^_^

Helmet has an additional sub-image which is currently bugged, but will see use soon. (Magic animation)
Equipment slots don't have information on which is which.

WASD - Move
Mouse - Look/Attack
Right Click - Open Chests/Use Items
Space - Pickup Items
Enter - Force Bleeding (Debuff Testing)

Inventory equipment slot information text (DONE)
(Quality of life) Shift+LMB now instantly loots a single item (DONE)
Crafting (DONE)
Enemy testing dummies to give you debuffs and damage you for further testing. (Press Enter to force bleeding for now) (DONE)
Hotbar fixes (Didn't add the 4 remaining hotbar slots and items don't automatically stack in the hotbar) (DONE)

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Updated to v0.02

Added inventory equipment slot information
Added Shift+LMB to chests
Added Crafting + Recipe
Added Enemy testing dummies (They will attack and force bleeding with a 10% chance)
Added Defense system (Each defense point increases damage reduction by 1%)
Added remaining hotbar slots (Choose weapons or drink potions instantly from there)

This will be the only smaller update.. Next up is a larger one.