Windows Zero Legend - A tribute to the Legend of Zelda



A pixel-for-pixel remake of the original NES title, The Legend of Zelda. © 1986 Nintendo

The complete over world, name registration, and item selection is complete. Just need to add the dungeons and enemies. I will be adding a 3rd quest as well.

OneDrive link:!Antze46_KH6j2WcSK1Quj1xzUX3n

Enter = Start
Enter (during play) = Toggle sub menu

Space = Select
Space (during play) = Toggle tile-based collision reveal

Arrow Keys = Move
X = A
Z = B
Esc = Exit game

F3 = Take a screenshot (Stored in C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Zero_Legend_2)
F4 = Toggle Full Screen (will be remembered next launch of game)
F5 = Toggle Testing Text

C = Cheat input
rupees = 255 rupees (infinite)
bombs = 16 bombs (infinite)
keys = Have the Lion Key (infinite)
allitems = All items/weapons
triforce = All of the Triforce pieces
life = All life
quest1 = First Quest
zelda = Second Quest
invincible = Cannot lose life
bluering = Blue Ring
redring = Red Ring
greenring = No Rings
woodsword = Have the Wooden Sword
whitesword = Have the White Sword
magicsword = Have the Magic Sword
save = Save to your player file

I hope to add some updated graphics that you can toggle during game.

Design Document

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Wow, you clearly have put a lot of thought into this. I assume you are doing this to add it to your portfolio/to see if you can? Clearly an act of love.

I would be really interested to see a "sequel" of your own design building off of what you put together! Don't get me wrong the classic Legend of Zelda is great, but also available on everything. As a player is there really an advantage to playing an emulated ROM vs a reconstruction?

That said this looks brilliant!