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Hello Game Maker Community !
After having Game Maker for so long I decided to make my own Platformer Engine.
The idea was to build something robust, flexible and complete. After some weeks of works Zend was born.

Link to the online demo on

Link to the market place.

If you find a bug or a suggestion feel free to ask me.

Hope you will like it !


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What reasons are there to use this engine over any others? I am especially inclined not to use this since it actually costs money, and there are a lot of free engines that offer more features.


Thanks for the reply.

Unlike other engine I have found this one can be easly extended with simple scripts. The idea is to provide a simple but robust base with easy tool to make the platformer YOU want.

there are a lot of free engines that offer more features.
I started to make this engine because other engines where either buggy (one way platformer only working with one entity) or not extendable (can't reverse gravity / add simple ai / dash).
Plus, most engines I tested where not free...

You said that other engines have more features. I agree with you since this engine is new. But what features are you talking about ? Maybe I can add them ?



Today I have released a new version of the engine. I have also updated the demo.
Here is the changelog:
  • The engine now handle slopes for both gravity direction
  • It support delta timing, so movement is independent from framerate
  • You can now adjust the speed of the whole engine trough a single variable

Thanks to the purchase made, I will be able to create a Game Maker 2 version soon.
You can find the development roadmap here:

Thanks for the interest in the engine.


Hey, update time !

The engine is now in 1.2.
  • Support for Game Maker 2
  • Crates
  • Fixed some strange behaviour for moving platforms
  • The camera zoom now take in count the screen ratio
  • Cleaner code

As always if you find any bug or want any features, feel free to ask !



Here is the new 1.3 version of Zend! This new version features mainly add ladders and a hook system increasing the amount of things you can do with the engine!

But it also had, as always, bug fixes, new scripts for flexibility and a playable HTML5 version.

Here is the full changes list:
  • Added ladders
    • They work in both gravity modes
    • Various options to control how climbing a ladder works
    • AI interactions with ladders
  • Added a hook system
    • Right click to create a hook, fixing to the first solid object find
    • If the object move, the hook move with it
    • Various options to control how the hook works
  • New generic AI and actions
    • Create advanced actions to control the behavior of AI
    • AI can now climb ladders
    • Fixed some bugs when dealing with auto movements
  • Added new generic parent entities
    • Creating his own entity is now easier
    • New scripts to interact with entity
    • Added an option to control the behavior of an entity when his velocity is reset
  • Added game pad support for basic controls (left/right/up/down) more coming soon
  • Added the possibility to handle multiple height slopes
  • Jump options
    • Added a variable to control how much jump an entity can do
    • Added a variable to control jump height
    • Added a variable to activate wall jump or not
  • Entities are now using a state machine
    • Added new array to control basics speed like:
      • Gravity
      • Friction
      • Acceleration
      • Max vertical speed
      • Max horizontal speed
  • Added an option to link entities, so when an entity move all linked entities move accordingly
  • No more global variables
  • Use of regions in GM2 code
  • Fixed order of collisions with killing entities
  • Most basic movements functions are simplified removing the "id" argument
  • Fixed a bug where drawing the player sprite with an image_xscale equals to -1 would make a strange behavior
And more coming soon !

Thanks for your support.


Hello !

Zend is going in 1.4 !

Here is what changed :
  • Added a new surface system
  • Reworked the camera system making it robust and flexible
  • Reworked zoom script and center script
  • Bug fixes and performance improvement
  • Code management


HI !

Time for the 1.5 update :)

  • In entities added a variable to control the entity frame_action which define the action made by the entity during this frame
  • Solved a bug which prevented an entity to move after climbing a ladder and touching the ground
  • -Add a variable to control the maximum slope of each entity
  • -Fixed a bug where if the variable can_jump_air was false you could not make a second jump un air

  • Crates surface property is now the one defined in the crate object

  • Lerp the centering values
  • Add incremental zoom
  • Fixed a crash when there was no object assigned to the camera following object
  • Change the camera center script so it allow any speed functions and not only lerping
  • Add Splitscreen support

  • The speed multiplicator is now managed by the engine under the hood
  • There is now a global variable to access the zend controller
  • Fixed a problem where the delta time was incorrect when the application is in pause
  • Fixed a memory leak in jumpers
  • Now handle gravity in every direction (hrizonal and vertical)