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ZCrypt is an encryption/decryption library for Game Maker: Studio 2 / 1.4.
The scripts are documented and easy to use! It uses a custom encryption algorithm that I made.

ZCrypt can encrypt/decrypt:
  • Strings
  • Text Files
  • Data Structures
  • Buffers

ZCrypt contains the following scripts:
  • ZC_encrypt_string(string, key)
  • ZC_decrypt_string(string, key)
  • ZC_encrypt_text_file(input_path, output_path, key)
  • ZC_decrypt_text_file(input_path, output_path, key)
  • ZC_encrypt_data_structure(data_structure, type, key)
  • ZC_decrypt_data_structure(data_structure, string, key)
  • ZC_encrypt_buffer(buffer, key)
  • ZC_decrypt_buffer(buffer, string, key)

If you have any feedback then please let me know!
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