OFFICIAL YoYo Games New General Manager: Stuart Poole


YoYo Games Staff
YYG Staff
Hey, GM community! Today we are announcing to the press that we have appointed Stuart Poole as our new General Manager of YoYo Games. We wanted to drop the release here first to let our community know. Stuart joined YoYo Games in 2010 as Head of Production and Partnerships and succeeds James Cox.

”Since the launch of GameMaker Studio 2, we continue to learn about how our community uses the platform to build inspirational games that push development concepts in the 2D space,” said Stuart Poole, General Manager of YoYo Games. “With a talented team of true innovators, I’m excited to take up the mantle of General Manager at YoYo Games and evolve GameMaker to the next level of 2D games development”.

As Head of Production and Partnerships, Stuart previously ran the partner relations, production and operational side of the business at YoYo Games. Stuart has the games industry deeply embedded in his DNA, from a 30-year career during which he has worked on over 50 games across all platforms, in fields that have involved design, QA and production at studios including Microprose, Ocean, HotHouse, Climax (Brighton), Pivotal and Realtime Worlds. The games he has been involved in have included Conflict, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire and X-Com.

Looking forward to a great 2019 for YoYo Games and GameMaker! Thanks.


This is so funny. Just yesterday I was skimming an old email correspondence with Mr. Poole, and was wondering whether he was still at YoYoGames. From the few interactions I've had with him, he's a really cool guy, and he was excellent at his job from my experience. Congratulations to him on the promotion, and glad to hear he's still with you!

I wonder who's taking his spot?


The games he has been involved in have included Conflict, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire and X-Com.
huumm... X-Com would be a great game if it didnt had the turn based system, and instead was in real time action :D


As I worked under Stuart, and know he's a tough guy I hope he gonna push hard on Playtech to find manpower to deliver lot of nice new/long-demanded features, and he's going to keep the rest of "old team" in place, as otherwise GM is gonna loose that specific magical thing it always had.

So, congratulations, and good luck!