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Hello fellow game developers! Orama Game Studios is proudly announcing the release of our first decent game called "Youniverse".
This is a free 2D puzzle platformer greatly based on its story. Different actions will either lead to a good or a bad ending. We know the game is far from perfect but it's our game and we are very happy for making it. You know better that a game's purpose is to be played so we would appreciate it if you tried this out and even giving us constructive criticism to make it even better!

The game is now available on Google Play!

Store Description:
Youniverse: A game about losing the most beloved thing you own (or feel). How will you react to your loss? Will you choose the path of revenge or the path of forgiveness? With more than 30 levels to play based on the storyline, solve the puzzles of each level, discover new dimensions and travel through time to overcome the obstacles you face! Be sure to unlock the 2 possible endings with your acts!

We are more than willing to reply to every kind feedback we receive! We hope you enjoy it!
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Here are some screenshots of the game:

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