Alpha You Pet Pet


You Pet Pet is a simple petting game where you have your own digital pet. Starting with three pets. Bunny, turtle and gold fish. If you don't pet them when you need to, they will eventually get mad or sad, and then when they are the maddest or saddest the game will end. Yes, they will evolve too.

Keep an eye on their hunger, hygiene and mood. When you've evolved your pet to the second stage, you win.

You will have to pet it for 3 hours to win the bunny's loyalty. It will evolve into two stages during these 3 hours.

Added in survival boost and energy boost when the pet evolves.

Added in mobs that drop energy. They appear at a certain time, but I won't reveal it.



Everything is saving like it should. When I exit the game and start it again, it's all where it should be.

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I did a little project like that to test some stuff I rarely ever used before. If you want to challenge yourself a little bit, you can try some ideas I did (I was very inspired by Tamagochi):
- Instead of a classic save system, your pet continues to "live" even when your app is closed, and when you reach a certain threshold, push a system notification.
- Make your game "transparent" so your pet will overlap/play on your desktop, for example.
- Lots of simple mini-games (rock-paper-scissor, even-or-odds, guess-the-number, etc.)

Good luck


I was thinking of making it a survival game until the pet is loyal to you. Then you can send him on training, missions or whatever without it dieing (maybe deceased). But I think for the bunny I will need to divide the numbers. Three hours should maybe be for the epic pets. I don't know yet. I'm still planning things.
Depends if it's on mobile or PC, people got their phone 24/7 so you can get funkier with the times, but on PC you got to account for the fact that most people don't spend their days at home on their computers.
I say: built it now, tweak it later, you'll save yourself a lot of headaches.


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I don't want to reveal too much because some ideas are just too good to make into free games... but it's based loosely on my favorite YouTube Channel... Frog Time. Just thinking about it makes me want to start on it right away...