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Hello Friends,Let's Contextualize...

I am creating a game called "The Last Shine", initially called "Zero Star", but I changed because the name was very much like the title of the nintendo Star Fox Zero.

Well, this is a navy game where the villain of history, Krakkeye (suggests a better name if possible), commands a terrorist state much-mirrored in ISIS today. And he, for one reason that no one knows for sure, is destroying planets whose leaders are opposed to his ideals.

Then, in the middle of that, enters 5 heroes, who possess with them the only queen of an alien species similar to stars, whose species is formed by classes like the ants and termites and only the queens can reproduce, is a species that produces so much in the Blood and jelly form a super powerful form of renewable energy, used to produce military equipment in almost the entire solar system. Which is almost creating the extinction of this race.

Well, what does one story have to do with the other? A lot, with the course of the story, you will see that Krakkeye's motivations have something in common with the team star.

In addition, thanks to krakkeye terrorism, there is a certain xenophobia against immigrants from different planets, because the fear that the aliens entering other planets are terrorists who are planning the attacks, adds this to the prejudice with aliens, which have colossal differences between species, and it is even more complicated because there are actually smarter, less intelligent, stronger, faster, and so on aliens... but it is no reason not to allow a certain race of alien to use a public transport for example...

(Do you understand the reflection with the real world that I want to create?)

Anyway, this is a bit of the plot of the game that I'm writing, it is worth mentioning that, unlike many stories about space, there are no human beings here (or it may even be...but there is no human protagonist)

And why am I asking for ideas to share here? Well, thinking about how independent games of people so unknown (others not so much) have become so famous, I noticed that what made them popular was innovation, that thing that no game He thought before.

Here are some examples:
Castle Crashers: brought back an almost abandoned game genre.

Shovel Knight: A game that, in addition to bringing back the old days of the Nintendo 8-Bits games, brought the concept of using a shovel as a weapon and also to pick up items, and the destructible checkpoints, to increase the challenge.

Dark Souls: Finally a really challenging game!

Undertale: an RPG game where you do not have to kill anyone!

Five Nights at Freddy's: Who would have thought standing by looking at cameras would be so scary?

Well, the game will have a game map route, secondary missions, custom spacecraft, 5 story modes and a gigantic arsenal of weapons. It is worth explaining that each mode of history is as if it were the story told from its point of view, so if, for example, in the middle of the story the characters separate, in each mode of history you understand what happened to each one of them. But what can I do really different?

Besides, the game has a very different life systems: I like to look for logic in things, so I did the following, the amount of lives depends on the amount of heroes that are in the team (throughout the story, the 5 heroes are going to Joining), and if you lose a life, you play with another hero, being that you can rescue the persong in the same place where he had lost to recover a life, besides towing his ship to repair it and thus to play with that ship again.

If you don't do this, his coordinates will be on the Stage Selection map, and he will be waiting for his rescue 3 days before he leaves.

But I think this is not enough, is there already a game for two players IN REAL TIME?

These are just some of the game's various ideas,feel free to give ideas of bosses,weapons,bombs,shields,aliens,ships,enemies and so on.

You can see some game art concepts here:

For now, only the title screen and 3 planets, but then I will show the characters and so on.


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It's not clear what ideas exactly you're looking for... that was mostly a story blurb which had nothing to do with the gameplay. And with this much ambition I can almost guarantee the project will be a failure. From what I could tell, your game is a shmup with heavy story elements about terrorism.

Innovation in itself won't do you any good unless the execution is flawless and you can get attention from somewhere. Make sure you have a marketing strategy. I think Undertale got a bunch of traction from its Kickstarter campaign, mostly thanks to the trailer and page and stuff getting across the game's quirky humor really well so people knew exactly what they were getting. Also, it feels like you miss the point with what made all the games you listed so great. If you can't go any deeper than scratching the surface, you won't be able to repeat any of the good design in any game, just feebly mimic it.
  • Castle Crashers is full of humor and has really high production values. It also has co-op mechanics that reward teamwork (such as being able to revive each other infinitely as long as you don't all die at the same time) so you get a much better experience in multiplayer ON TOP OF co-op games being more fun to begin with. Tons of games bring back old genres and aren't remembered as fondly because they weren't memorable.
  • Shovel Knight has a 'dual purpose design' thing where everything you can do has more than one use, making all mechanics feel meaningful and constantly used. It also has really solid game design that teaches you without ever having to tutorialize you by FORCING you to do things to progress and making the solution intuitive, before challenging you to do them. Using a shovel as a weapon is just aesthetics, the game would've worked just as well with a pogo stick.
  • Dark Souls lets you do what you want, which is extremely refreshing when you're used to today's streamlined AAA games and JRPGs where you just level up and there's no roleplaying at all. It's not hard for the sake of being hard, it's hard because you actually have to learn how to play it properly.
  • Undertale is full of direct feedback on your actions, making you feel like they're meaningful and can make people you like upset, so you think more about them. It also has an amazing way of using gameplay for storytelling, such as when Undine is dying her attacks get easier and easier to avoid until they're completely effortless to avoid. You aren't just INFORMED someone is slowly dying in front of you, you're watching it happen.
  • FNAF: watching cameras isn't scary and jumpscares aren't scary, they're just startling. What makes FNAF1 so horrifying is that you're forced to focus to succeed, but when focusing you're unable to brace yourself for being startled, making the jumpscares hit you with full power every time. And since you feel this instinctively, you start dreading the jumpscares and imagining how they will feel scary next time they happen... making them hit even harder. It uses the player's imagination against them, making it more of a psychological horror game than a jumpscarefest. It's a shame all the sequels have gradually devolved into the latter, it feels like the creator never realized what made the first game so good.

Anyway, here's some random ideas:
  • Stages on planets should be set in heavily populated cities where you swerve between buildings. This lets you show the terror attacks 'in action' with buildings being blown up, sometimes opening up new paths and sometimes blocking the way.
  • Make sure all playable characters are ethnically diverse to get your 'united against evil' message across. If they're all alien, make them different species.
  • Isis (name, not an abbreviation) was originally an egyptian goddess, so you should have lots of egyptian imagery. Go for a more space-egypt thing like Yu-gi-oh did.
  • Dark Souls' design philosophy seems to be "here's you, there's the goal, here's an obstacle in between. DEAL WITH IT.". Try to follow that by having open-ended design where there's no one intended strategy, and have all playable characters play differently.
  • Have missions where you save people.
  • Try to avoid having too much interface, that removes the sense of exploration. Rather than having a map indicating everything, have the player actually explore space.
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Thanks for the feedback, I saw lot of great ideas, in fact, sometimes I wrote like an idiot, I forgot some things @_@...
Actually, some things seem like ambitions, because this is my second game, but I think I can.