Alpha XENA ( another shump)



discription :
xena is a an unfinished classic 2d shump (bullet hell)
it's very hard so i made it so you can't die
i am planing to add in the future more levels ,more enemies , more weapon , more ship's
an upgrade system
and a shop

some gamplay :

type : shump
progress : 0.2a alpha
feature :
1 finished level and another one unfished
enemy : 8 type
one boss

p.s: you can't die

plz tell me what do you think about it


I'm a huge shmup fan, I played it, loved it. Even though I know it's alpha v0.2a, I'll pretend you're looking for prime-time comments:

  • sound fx? the music is great, but I'd rather have sfx than music for an alpha, just so I can get a real feel for it. Silent shots and explosions are a little underwhelming for a shmup.
  • controls are tight, never felt like it was the control's fault if I died.
  • as you said, it's HARD. I tried my best to not get shot or die, but your ship is just too large not to get hit and most enemies require a LOT of shots to kill.
  • That green HUD at the bottom is a little "draft" right? it doesn't suit the style of the ships.
  • What's that weird red text at the bottom of the screen? Is it a font problem or meant to be some alien language that we're not supposed to get?
  • Although the "hit" animations are great, the actual enemy explosions are underwhelming and slow. The player's ship explosion is similarly unexciting.
Otherwise, it's tight where it needs to be, and with some sfx and graphical embellishment, it will be even more exciting to play. Nice work!


first ,sorry for the late replay i had internet problems
thank's a lot for your review .it's great that someone see the hard work put in creating this game

i will try to explain everything in the game :
1.first for the name XENA well it's related to the story of the game :
you are waken from your deep sleep state by your P-AI(personal AI) and you discover a note written to yourself thousand years ago saying you are the last
humain and that your distination was panet called xena to recreate earth life and humanity
XENA is the name of a planet that contain a matter called XENA-D this matter is a solid form of pure data that can transform to anything (steel,wood,even life)but even if the planet contain no life she is been protected by powerfull ship's that destroy enything that come near it
(you can suggest a better title )
2. the HUD && sfx: i'am no artist so i use open game art & royalty free music and it's hard to find the sprites that fit together or even the sound ,for the SFX i just forgot

3.the weird red text is ' SPECIAL IS READY ' using a font called wingdings i Thought it would be better

4. there's a story behind the enemy explosions : it's related to you current weapon (in the game every weapon destroy the ship in a different way)
the first weapon decrease the attraction power between the particle

ps : in space there is no sound in reality