iOS Xcode error when trying to compile to iOS

Hello, recently after a lot of headache trying to test iOS apps for free I decided to buy Apple's membership and pay the $99 fee. I followed all the steps and set up my Certificates, Devices, App ID and the Provisioning Profile, when everything looked good to go this came out of the blue:

Some information:
MacOs El Captain with Xcode version 8.0(8A21Ba).
Tried to compile for 3 devices:
iPad 2 Wifi iOS 9.3.5;
iPhone 5s iOS 10.3.3;
iPhone 7 iOS 12.1.3;

I'm very sure that the iPhone 7's iOS is too recent for the Xcode I have installed and that my iPad might be too old, but I thouth that at least the iPhone 5s would work and yet no succes.

Any brief idea about what's going on? Should I contact Yoyogames' support?

Thanks in Advance