iOS Xcode and few problems left to be solved - who can help?

Hi there!

Well... learning by doing is a wise and an effortfully way.
I thank the few of you, who helped me before. Now I´ve got the feeling
that I am close to the goal. But there are few things left to be solved,
I still need a hint of an experienced one, here.

Here are the facts:

- created a game on PC (Gamemaker Studio 2)
- saved .ypp-project etc. to a stick and transferred it to my macBook Pro (Catalina 10.15.7)
- installed GMS2 for Mac on my MacBook Pro, even xCode 11.7, and updated mono to the latest version, manually
- tested game over GMS2 to check up possible problems - game works fine
- got an apple developer account and the certificates, after requesting certificates over keychain, downloaded the certificates from my apple developer acount
- put all IDs and identifiers into the iOS and OSXmac main preferences (* (as wildcard for test))
- hooked "suppress build and run (only create xcode project on mac OS)" in preferences (GMS2)
- chosed iOS (VM) iPad (7th gen. (iOS 13.7)) as a target (GMS2)
- created an executable data (GMS2)


xcode opens up my game.xcodeproj with several alerts - most of ´em could be solved immediately.
But the build fails because of:

- xcode advises to use CoreServices instead of renamed MobileCoreServices
- xcode also advises to migrating to Metal instead of deprecated OpenGLES
- xcode reports an error: Undefined symbol: _OBJC_CLASS_$_SKStoreReviewController
- xcode also reports errors within Signing & Capabilities:
> No profiles for "*" were found. xC couldn´t find any iOS App Development provisioning profiles matching "*".
- xcode additionally reports an error after making a hook on "Mac" as a device, beside of iPhone and iPad (xcode(Deployment Info(Device)))
> Building for Mac Catalyst, but ... was built for iOS + iOS Simulator. (...) You may need to restrict the platforms for which this library
should be linked in the target editor, or replace it with an XCFramework that subborts both problems.

Maybe there is anybode here who could help me with it!??
And a certain question: Can I use my macBook Pro itself as a testing device, by don´t registering another test device within Apple Developer area?
Is the macBook Pro enough to check the games functionality? Is the xcode-device simulator suitable enough to get trusted results?

I thank you for all incoming suggestions and hints.
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