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Windows wtf expired license?



Just a problem: I have the license, bought it 2 years ago, and GMS has been installed in my machine for months with no manual update. This makes no sense.


Seems like I had a trial license that was overrunning my true license.
To solve it, I did the following:

Set computer to airplane mode.
Open GameMaker. Airplane mode made it unable to verify my 30 days trial license was expired.
Log in, offline mode. Game project opened.
With GameMaker active, activate internet and open GameMaker.

It logged me off, and relogging in made my true license overrun the trial license.

Reinstalling did not make it work, abusing in a way I'm pretty sure that would allow piracy did. Good job. :banana:

Please fix. I have the license, I shouldn't be stopped to use because I was given a 30 day trial that expired.

Also, that 30 day trial expired a month ago, there is no reason for it to not have happened yesterday. It happened conveniently when I had to show the project to another person.
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You can probably just delete the license file in %appdata%\GameMakerStudio2

um.json and inside the "username_???" folder, there's a licence.plist. Delete these, and you'll be asked to login again.


Ok, I have to revive here.
Need alternatives to open my project. Now going offline will not open the game, it thinks the project is a trial project and will not let me open it, when I never even got the trial license.
I was forced to receive it some time ago by entering the site, and I can't get rid of it, and it's overrunning my permanent license.