GML Written Tutorials?


yes im looking for written tutorials on how to learn GML. videos just lack in depth detail. please and thanks very much


Begin with the GML Overview section of the GMS 2 Manual. That together with Samspade's GML Fundamentals series and statement-specific practice in your own time should produce a workable level of proficiency.

Given your previous comments like this one and this one, it is clear that you have unrealistic expectations about tutorials. You seem to be discarding tutorials not because they are actually lacking depth, but simply because they don't have copy-and-paste solutions for your specific setup. That is no way to learn.

No amount of tutorials will cover everything you want to make, the same way no amount of chess manuals will cover every situation that can arise in a chess game. You have to learn how to adapt solutions and solve your own problems, and that is your responsibility. If you don't want that responsibility, get a different line of work.