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Windows Would there be a way of disabling automatic updates ?

Would there be a way of disabling automatic updates ?
Disabling the update pop up would be a viable solution but it seems more like a cover up.
Would there be a way of disabling updates of any kinds ? I love my current versions and it works perfectly, past and current updates tends to ruin my projects and multiple situation factors push me to search for a solution like this,
I've tried changing the windows hosts files but it systematically crashes gamemaker studio 2 every single time, so it doesn't seem to work anymore.
Thanks you for your time ^^
The update nag is a bit annoying, but you're already not forced to update if you don't want to. The only time I remember being forced to update was when some law in the EU (?) was passed, and it required YYG to make some changes to GM in order to comply.