Android Worm

Thijs Hof

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Worm is a game where your goal is to eat apples and grow longer but watch out!, worm is realy sensitive, bump into yourself and its game over!

  • Single Player
  • Multiplayer, one device or LAN
  • Speed selection, slow or normal
  • Enable and disable wrap

Worm1.png Worm2.png Worm3.png

Tap the left half of the screen to go left.
Tap the right half of the screen to go right.

In multiplayer when your worm eats an apple, the other worm grows longer, you can pass through the other worm but not through yourself, you have to eat as many apples as possible so the other worm grows longer and dies before you do.

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
^ yes that, and both the names centepede and millipede are taken and trademarked and are arcade classics that most people know about. If you gave it the same name, you would either run into legal issues, or confuse a lot of people with the title being misleading as to what kind of game it is, or both.