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Alpha World of Pain [WoP] Thread



World of Pain
WoP is a Top Down Shooter game for PC Windows operating systems. This thread will have updates, video links, and links to support my project or give ideas. A test will be out shortly for feedback and advice.
The point of me creating this game is to show people that a game's graphics doesn't define how the game play will be, also, because it was my dream to make a game of my own. World of Pain is inspired by my childhood PS2 game, Time Splitters.

Try it
Last Update: 9/24/16
Pre-Alpha: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6mwisiejwqot7cy/AACccyFndgFXIc0ix8vIL9mPa?dl=0
Demo: - - 5% - -

Finished Weapons
-Assault Rifle: A basic infantry weapon used by troops in nearly every army due to it firing thick bullets that are slow & don't go very far, but hit deep and hard...
-Shotgun: This shotgun is no ordinary SG. It's called Pantera in some parts. This SG packs a powerful punch.
-Lancer: Fires red, steaming rounds causing heavy damage.

Current Issues
-Enemies can't find their way around obstacles and will try going right through and spin constantly in 360 degrees.
-Enemies have no smooth rotations when turning to attack the nearest enemy.

Full Version Info!
Here's a list of things that'll be in the final version. Keep in mind, it'll have constant updates that'll add more levels, challenges, campaigns, and so much more! Am I sure I'll finish? If I'm still alive, yes. (Some things on the list are subject to change)
-18 weapons of total ass whooping
-Different environments with unique creatures
-Leagues Mode! Fight through Amateur, Honorary, and Elite Leagues by completing league challenges as they get progressively harder and INSANE! Crazy challenges like taking out tanks with only 1% health, or even collecting bananas from crazed zombie monkeys! What about busting zombies in a disco with only 12 shotgun shells?
-Last Stand Mode! Protect special figures from invasive attacks!
-Many cool skins to unlock and purchase using Orbs, Golden teeth and Diamond teeth!
-So many weapons from different time periods, from the past, to the distant future!
-So much more, and with constant updates, more weapons, armor, and maps will be added.

Game WiP Updates
+Started adding pick-up items (health & ammo)
+Blood lag issues are no longer an issue!
+Finished two pre-alpha test maps, Green Garden and Graveyard.
+New zombie enemies!
+Health bar and stamina bar re-positioned.
-Small issues with enemies when chasing targets.
-Allies get stuck on walls when cornered & player is away.
-Sometimes enemies play their animation fast and sometimes causes frames to skip...
+Lighting effects cancelled due to massive slowdowns.
+Fixed level up system and weapon level up system.
+Fixed an issue were ally bullets that hit tanks spawned blood...
+Fixed lag issue with blood.
-Allies get stuck on walls when cornered & player is away.
-Sometimes enemies play their animation fast and sometimes causes frames to skip...

Social Media
You can help support me on my project either here, or if you're really interested, check out my social media groups/accounts. Using hashtag #WoP or #WoPLaunch also really helps on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Instagram: Track7.drummer
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/174254449665123/
Kik Messenger: Naruga.Kuruga
Twitter: xAtLANtiiSs

Further Project Support
If you liked the game and the demo you tried, then check out my Kickstarter to help me get suffeciant funds to get a sound library as well as some music for commercial use. There's rewards for those providing great help. Keep in mind the game is no where near finished. So much will be added, all for the community to enjoy. Can't donate? Just support me and share the game! :D

Kickstarter Link: - - - -

Game Screenshots
Here's some screenshots of the demo version. The game is heavily WiP so expect to see a lot more.
I set screenshots in different Spoiler's to show the progress as I work on it and things begin to look different, and beautiful.

Screenshots 9/24/16

*NOTE* Screenshots were taken with the game blood setting set to Gallons, note that you can choose to reduce the amounts of blood.

Yes, I see that black border. It'll be removed and the game will take up all that black space.

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Very good work! I would say more blood and gore, but that's up to you...
Thank you! And yeah! Added a "Gallons" option and I'll add extra stuff like meat pieces and chunks when you kill with a Shotgun or explosions! Thanks for the advice! :D