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Question - IDE Workspaces Navigation Questions

1) Is it possible to have a split view of the workspaces, so you can see 2 workspaces at the same time, side by side in the main IDE window? (Instead of dragging out the second workspace into its own window). I only have one monitor at the moment. If I had two, which I will do as soon as I can afford it, this issue would be less of a hassle, because I could put the second workspace on my second monitor.

After extensive use of GMS 2 - which I am really enjoying now by the way after getting over the initial learning curve - I sometimes find myself wanting to look at two related objects properties / code / events, and I just cant seem to squeeze them in to view them at the same time on one workspace.

I can put them on 2 workspaces, but then have to switch between them and I think it would make things quicker if I could see both at the same time.

2) It would be nice if the CTRL + TAB feature worked like Windows ALT + TAB. Each time you press and release ALT + TAB, it toggles between the two most recent in focus windows. If I was working in Window A, ALT + TAB then release would take me to window B. Then ALT + TAB again takes me back to Window A and so forth.

It would be really great if CTRL + TAB then release defaulted to toggling back to the previous window / code / event that I was looking at.

2a) Or if that is not possible, perhaps a hotkey or buttons like a browser Back and Forwards key would be really useful, to quickly switch between the objects / code I am working on currently

At the moment, if I get lost in the IDE and need to get back to the object I was working on, I resort to going to the resource tree and double-clicking on the resource I need to get back to.

I've found some relief by setting up custom resource views, one for each resource type, so it's quicker to find the object I'm looking for.

CTRL + T is also great, but I don't find myself using it so often, I think by habit from GMS 1 I find the resource tree quicker, but perhaps thats something I can train my brain to get used to using.

I know I can zoom out to get a view of the workspace, but I find that when it's zoomed out far enough to see the many objects I usually have open at a time, the objects are too small for me to make out which one it is I want.

Overall, I'm loving GMS 2, I feel I'm able to do things much quicker than GMS 1 and actually look forward to using the interface each day :) Just wondering if there is a way to do the things I mentioned above that I missed, or if not, would these features be useful to anyone else besides me?
Thanks for the reply and the link @DarkStarGames!

It still doesn't let me split workspace views as far as I can tell, however looks like the bookmark feature and splitting code windows are the way to go.

Thanks again!
2a) Or if that is not possible, perhaps a hotkey or buttons like a browser Back and Forwards key would be really useful, to quickly switch between the objects / code I am working on currently
I would love that so much!!!
Alomoast every IDE has such a feature where you can jump / navigate back in carret History.
That would be realy useful in GMS2 with Workspace Windows.
And also between Multiple Workspace / Resource Tabs with that single Shortcut...

Would make my overview in my Project so much better... I like the workspace approach but it has to become much more usable and more important useful to realy pay out... (because I am already using CTRL + T and CTRL + TAB and CTRL + ALT + ARROW_KEY)
Haha, this is an old thread :)

Yeah, it would be nice if CTRL + TAB worked between Tabs / Multiple workspaces, doesn't seem to do that at the moment as far as I can tell.

However, pretty happy with the workflow at the moment now that CTRL + TAB at least jumps back and forth between the two most recent spots in a workspace / code window.

And since they introduced the Recent Windows option, I have hardly had to use CTRL + Tab, I can just double-click where I need to go in my history list.