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 Workspace workflow


First of all I would like to say that you have done a great job with GM:S 2, it's a really nice overhaul / rebuild! :)

I'm trying to get the head around workspaces. I can see why this approach is taken over the window handling in GM:S 1.X. There are a few things that can be improved with the new workspace system, I know GM:S 2 is still just in beta and I don't know what is planned for the workspace system. Here are a few thoughts and features I would like to see:

1. An option to enable zoom in and out with scroll wheel only (switching the up/down scroll to ctrl+scroll wheel).

2. Panning should be possible with left or right mouse button + mouse move (pressing down on empty area). Working on my laptop now and without a mouse the workspace handling is a bit tricky. (I usually work with a mouse though). EDIT: Sorry I now noticed it's possible to pan with Space key + left mouse button.

3. Text should be clear when zooming in and out (now it only looks good at 100% zoom).

4. The text on the window headers should stay at a minimum size so they are always visible (at least the object names). Bonus feature that would be nice to have: Possibility to set the "color" of objects that would change the background color of the window headers for the object (similar to changing the color of tracks in FL Studio and other DAWs).

5. I would like an option to open event code as tabs (same as when maximizing a code window) instead of opening them to the right of the events window. Now I can get a nice overview of several objects at 100% zoom when no code blocks are opened. When I then open a code window the view pans to the right so the code window will be visible and this breaks the overview. I would much rather open code as separate tabs and the different events as sub-tabs (as now). If the code tab is already open and the event is clicked the correct tab and sub-tab would get focus.

6. Probably just a bug / unfinished feature: The size of the different panels (resources, workspaces, output etc) are reset every time I open a project (resources takes half the screen for example).

Looking forward to working more with the new GM:S!
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