Steam Workshop uploads not working?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by CKlidify, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. CKlidify

    CKlidify Member

    Nov 22, 2016
    I'm trying to upload things to my game's workshop but it's not seeming to work.

    On the left pressed event I have this:

    var app_id = steam_get_app_id();
    title = get_string("Title","");
    map_save(title + "/map.ssm");
    screen_save(title + "/thumb.png")
    desc = get_string("Description","");
    new_item = steam_ugc_create_item(app_id, ugc_filetype_community);
    (map_save saves the file i want to upload to the folder)

    Then in my Async - Steam event I have this:

    var event_id = async_load[? "id"];
    if(event_id == new_item){
        var type = async_load[? "event_type"];
        if(type == "ugc_create_item"){
            publishID = async_load[? "published_file_id"];
            var app_id = steam_get_app_id();
            new_map = steam_ugc_start_item_update(app_id, publishID);
            steam_ugc_set_item_title(new_map, title);
            steam_ugc_set_item_description(new_map, desc);
            steam_ugc_set_item_visibility(new_map, ugc_visibility_public);
            var tags;
            tags[0] = "map";
            steam_ugc_set_item_preview(new_map, title + "/thumb.png");
            steam_ugc_set_item_content(new_map, title);
            requestID = steam_ugc_submit_item_update(new_map, "Version 1")
    When I do this it uploads 2-3 empty entries to my workshop (no title, no description, no picture, and no files)

    Any reason why this isn't working?

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