Steam Workshop uploads not working?


I'm trying to upload things to my game's workshop but it's not seeming to work.

On the left pressed event I have this:

var app_id = steam_get_app_id();
title = get_string("Title","");
map_save(title + "/map.ssm");
screen_save(title + "/thumb.png")
desc = get_string("Description","");
new_item = steam_ugc_create_item(app_id, ugc_filetype_community);
(map_save saves the file i want to upload to the folder)

Then in my Async - Steam event I have this:

var event_id = async_load[? "id"];
if(event_id == new_item){
    var type = async_load[? "event_type"];
    if(type == "ugc_create_item"){
        publishID = async_load[? "published_file_id"];
        var app_id = steam_get_app_id();
        new_map = steam_ugc_start_item_update(app_id, publishID);
        steam_ugc_set_item_title(new_map, title);
        steam_ugc_set_item_description(new_map, desc);
        steam_ugc_set_item_visibility(new_map, ugc_visibility_public);
        var tags;
        tags[0] = "map";
        steam_ugc_set_item_preview(new_map, title + "/thumb.png");
        steam_ugc_set_item_content(new_map, title);
        requestID = steam_ugc_submit_item_update(new_map, "Version 1")
When I do this it uploads 2-3 empty entries to my workshop (no title, no description, no picture, and no files)

Any reason why this isn't working?