[Working Prototype] - The Red Baron


Mr. Butterbean

Usually, you think of the "Red Baron" as the legendary WWI pilot. Well, this Red Baron is a glowing orb - with a blip cannon; Red Baron and "glowing's" not something you'd think would fit together.

Unlike other top-down arcade-style shooters, which just give you a limited amount of ammo to shoot with and allow you to pick up extra, RB has a new "classic" mechanic; a "Power" variable which diminishes as you shoot, so a shot wasted is Power wasted. Red Baron, however, can absorb the Power from his enemies, meaning if you destroy one, you gain more Power, encouraging players to aim and fire, not just fire mindlessly.
Originally, shots going off-screen, not just being fired, would cost Power, but the former method was more realistic.

The Red Baron was actually based off of the "My First Game" Tutorial, where I started using the new GameMaker; I liked my version of that top-down shooter better.

I actually have two versions of the Red Baron: One which was the original, in the D&D format; it was actually the one with the tutorial. The other is the new, more refined version, more fitting to its "glow-y" aesthetic; I laugh at the old version inside nowadays; boy, did it not look its best.

The original version; it was more "metal" than the newer.

The new version; very unpolished - I know - not even having the enemies or the "stage"; not even keeping score, but he and the bullets look better than originally, albeit not perfect. That's all that matters ATM. (Thanks, paint.net)

My plans for this include being able to wield powerful weapons, such as lasers, big and small, "cannonballs", rapid-fire for most DPS, etc.; smooth movement; power-ups (of course); particles (why not?); an Adventure mode; likely multiplayer mode, battle and co-op included; I could keep adding on to that list.

As mentioned in the previous topic, what do you think would make this idea better? Any answer is appreciated. Thank you.