Job Offer - General Workers Needed For 2D Arcade Beat-Em-Up Shooter

Looking for a team to collaborate on a game, I have access to GMS 1.4 and 2.0 with the Android modules for both.

About the game: The game is a 2D arcade style 16-bit beat em up sci fi mech shooter. With up to 4 players (PC only) using seperate controllers, combating enemies and bosses using items and power ups obtained throughout the levels. It will take on the arcade style allowing ayer to join in at any time and being able to select 4 different unique characters with base abilities along with their own kinds of abilities.

Programmers, artists, animators, musicians and sound team members will be necessary.

Each member would need to keep backups (on PC and externally, online is a plus), keep logs, follow general guidelines with an ability to work autonomously based off of those guidelines. Be able to keep me and the team up to date and collaborate for necessary work.

Programmers - Need to have GMS1.4 or GMS2 (with Android Module preferred) experience, be able to keep a log with dates and times, back ups and code notes (within code). Is able to create modular systems for controllers of various kinds (keyboard, usb type and console type aka PS/Xbox style control). May work alone or have a collaborative member, I will act as a tertierary programmer and debugger.

Artist/Animators - Need for artist experienced in animating and drawing 2D realistic sci-fi 16-bit game sprites, environments and effects. Also need a specialist for art with splashscreen, icons, online store images and advertising. Also an ability to create trailers is a big plus.

Musician - Able to create 16-bit era style music, will use inspiration from games such as Parasite Eve combat music.

Sounds - Able to create 16-bit style audio, including remastering voice overs to fit the style.

Payment would be through PayPal and you will be paid hourly for 4 hr work days for 4 days out the week. Certain goals must be occomplished at certain time frames, extra work hours must be authorized and will be paid in 2 hour incrimates. This is all negotiable. Please send me a PM with your rates, portfolios and any questions you may have. Thank you.
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