Windows Work in progress - Shafted



Hi Game Makers,

I have spent about two months working on a 2D story driven platformer called Kalopsia. The story line based in a post apocalyptic world where the majority of people are forced to work in mines deep underground to get resources for better half of humanity living in space. You will a miner who drew the shortest straw possible which will see him sent to the undermine. A dark recess in the heart of the earth where humanities worst go to have one last chance at redemption. Where hope are as rare as the resources you are hunting down. Your soul companion will be an AI advanced enough you wonder if it can't possibly understand the depth of despair it is driving you through.

So far I have created the main animations and mechanics for the character. He can move, jump, fire, change weapons, mine blocks for resources, create ladders, place explosives and more. Check out the test level below, I advise having a read through the instructions before playing as there isn't a tutorial as yet.

Here is a link to the game in progress it's working title is Shafted:

All art was created my myself using game maker:

The Controls are
arrow keys - move/aim
space - jump/air jump/wall jump
shoot - left shift
change weapon - z
change goggles phase - x (this is used for mining after you go through the big door)
activate - c
quit - numpad 0

I am also looking for someone to join me in the development. So if you are interested please PM me.

I look forward to your feedback.

Midnight Fair Productions @mfproduct


I just realized I didn't include my original instructions.

So step one get off your bunk bed using the arrow keys. You can loot the two lockers as you go passed by pressing c! then head through the door to the storage rooms to challenge the AI spiders to some further gem looting (no weapons yet, so not very fair). Once you are done head to the command room and down the elevator to the three control panels. Press C on the one on the left and it will give you a pick axe for mining blocks/creating ladders, a shotgun and some explosives you can throw/place. Switch weapons with Z. Head to the big doors on the right and you are ready to take on a room full of spiders. The blocks in the room contain gems, use the Goggles to see different gem types (x to switch). If you die press Num0 to quit and try again. I will be implementing a tutorial room and simplifying the controls shortly, that and a Save/Restart options. Anything else you notice let me know. :)


It looks great
I like the art style, even though the menues needs some work. It was a bit annoying to look at for me, but maybe I'm alone with this.

The running animation is a bit weird, but the game itself is pretty good. The game needs sound effects though. It could also be a bit sharper, which may be that the texture interpolation is on.

Anyways, good so far. :)


Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time out to provide feedback Havan. I agree the menus are a bit frustrating, I was aiming for keyboard only game when I started the project, but given it will be PC only I might include mouse support for the menus just to make it flow better.

What do you mean by weird exactly for the run animation?

Yeah, it is the interpolation, I tried it with it off an it looks pretty chunky. I might put in an option to switch it off though, for those who enjoy a sharper image.

Thanks again.