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Windows Wood Fire


I love making a camp fire in the woods, so I thought why not create some digital firewood.​

Left click to drop a log of wood.
Kick back and watch it burn.

When touched by glowing coals or flames:
wet wood (green) creates smoke/vapor and turns to dry wood
dry wood (brown) releases gas which burns as flames, turns to charcoal
charcoal (black) turns into more glowing coal and then to ash (white)
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Added sound FX, also various small tweaks.
Click on statue to knock it off the fireplace.
Click on the painting to go to the woods.

New download (0.2)

I'm having problems finding a name.
? Which name is better:
- Wood Fire
- Fire Simulator
- Digital Firewood

Any other ideas for a name?
Or any feature wishes?
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Good idea, but the game Pixel Fireplace already has marshmallow roasting. I'd rather do different stuff in my game. Maybe I'll add the option to start the fire with friction by rubbing sticks.

I created a itch.io page. Download links have been updated.

I've settled on the name "Wood Fire" now.
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A new version has been uploaded.

Increased performance
of the game.

Zoom camera now slows time. (Move mouse down for zoom camera)

Ash improved.



Small performance increase. (More to come)

Added another zoom camera which zooms in even further.
I'm thinking of having the mouse scroll-wheel control the camera. Not sure yet.

Ash doesn't float anymore, and can fall at a higher speed.

You can change the wall colour in the first room by clicking on the left side of the screen. (beige, red, blue, green, grey)
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Thanks for playing! If you like you can take off your cloak and have a beer in the green room. Your zelda-like game is looking good. I need to check it out too.

If you break the little statue you get a new one for Christmas! More stuff coming soon.


I'm very happy that you two enjoy it.

Huge performance boost.
Paintings for every room.
Turn the river on/off.
Menu finished.
Seems like I'm almost finished.