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 Wizard of zOz (first game)


You've been granted a hand by the memery gods. Fend off aggressive memes and destroy 30 to save the world.

WASD to move, LMB to shoot. Watch out for your memery bar, if you deplete it, I'll think you're very inattentive.

This is not supposed to be a good game. This is my first ever full attempt at making something that resembles a game. I am very happy with the results, but there is room for improvement for sure. Local memes inbound, don't try making sense of any of it. Any feedback will be much appreciated!



congrats on your first game!
you probably wanna export as "single runtime executable" rather than installer program for just a basic little game.


Hate to have to be that guy, I don't know if "Wizard of oz" is copyrighted, I'm assuming it is. Names that sound similar are protected by copyright. Your game name "Wizard of Zoz" sounds similar so I would change the name if I were you.