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Yellow Dog
Witch's Experiment


I haven't had a chance to be active with GM for the last few months, but over Christmas leave a friend and I decided to do a fun, small twelve-hour game jam. The theme was Witch's Experiment, and this is my eponymous entry. It's very unpolished, and isn't very long at all, but I wanted to drop it here in the state that it was in when I entered it for voting. I hope it gives you a few minutes of fun :)

The premise is very simple - visitors will approach you with a request, and you must combine five ingredients together on your pentagram to create a potion. If two ingredients connected by a line on the pentagram have opposite effects, then those effects will cancel out (for example minty and spicy), but if those two ingredients are not connected by a line, then the finished potion will have both effects.

Most of the effects are hidden until you discover them for the first time. Your early potions will most likely be trial and error, but over time you should be able to produce potions with the desired effect very accurately. One thing I did not explain in-game that my friends stumbled with is that you need to drag the finished potion onto the customer's silhouette to give it to them once it has been made.

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