GMS 2 Wires/Ropes/ To Connect Two Objects Like in Contraption Maker


I'm working on a little physics puzzler game similar to Contraption Maker/Fantastic Contraption (my first project not following a tutorial, and things actually feel like they're starting to click ) i want to have a system where i can have rope/wire to connect different things together, like a battery to a motor to a fan etc. ideally i would want to be able to click and hold on one object and drag and release over another object and have the rope connect the two together and have it be somewhat realistic looking. i've looked around and seen a few tutorials about fixtures and joints and that seems like what I'm looking for but I'm not sure where to start. any leads in the right direction would be appreciated.

EDIT: So i figured out how to draw the rope then be able to attach it and detach it from the object. I guess now im just wondering how to draw a second joint at the end of the rope after i attach it to the first object to be able to attach it to a second object. i cant seem how to find the end of the rope object. the rope is a physics joint and a rope sprite repeated like 30 times if that makes sense i just followed the "game maker rope physics" tutorial.
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