Opinion WIP Soundtracks - Hints and Opinions

Hi guys!
Since we are starting to have the first soundtracks done for our new game, i want to post them here so i can get some opinions.
All the tracks are 100% made by us, we use FruityLoop12 and a set of VSTi, everything is done inside the program, using a small keyboard as main tool for composing the pieces.

The game topic is that if you wanna take a look : https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/a-crystal-life.56505/

This is the playlist for the game : https://soundcloud.com/projectgamesinc/sets/a-crystal-life

And if you wanna hear our other creations, take a look on the main soundcloud page : https://soundcloud.com/projectgamesinc

Thanks for your time and let us know what ya think!