Windows WIP Restaurant Game


WIP Restaurant Game
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Demo link: I really should add more content first.
Platform: Windows
Challenge: I challenge you to create a restaurant game of your own. d: if you do link me so we can fight out for best gameplay/features etc!
Started Date: 2021/01/20
Beta Date: 2021/08/10
StopWatch: 00:00:00

What am I doing today ? [28/01/21]

Creating pixel art for the restaurants block. Came up with some fun ideas too.
Primary challenge is pushing against my ego, that wants to sit and contemplate into oblivion.

I know I know, where's the restaurant ? It's still in construction lol.

Road Intersection:
Traffic lights work, when the pedestrian green light is on the player can cross as shown by the ring!
The green blocks are connected to traffic lights, I plan on making them invisible and they'll be used by vehicles to see if the vehicle can drive or not!

Current Main Menu:
Nothing fancy!

This one's still a WIP, took me 6 hours to make (good lord I'm slow)

So I don't intend on appealing anyone's eyes for example, I've got some 1/10 built features that look retarded and well I'm not gonna to disable things and so on just so it looks better!

Current Targets and Goals:

  • Create directional art for character​
  • Modify movement code to update character sprite depending on direction.​
  • Continue working on the robots at the intersection for pedestrian crossing.​
  • Get vehicles into the game!​
  • Create movement code(paths!) for vehicles, including adhering to intersections, as well as parking at destinations.​
  • Setup destinations for parking.​
  • Current Task Add some buildings to the town [Bank, Library, Restaurant, Homes, Dark alley!, Warehouses(suppliers(for deliveries))]​
  • Zooming in on accessible buildings removes the roof.​
  • Add some citizens that follow paths, citizens have thoughts and schedules.​
  • Create the first phase of the story.​
  • Code out any niches in movement for player, cars, pedestrians​
  • Add a lame day night cycle with lamps, give cars head and tail lights. Buildings have lights coming out of windows.​
  • Try to spice up the world.​

  • None yet!​

Frank starts broke, bankrupt, perhaps a hobo living in a box or at a mates flat, he begs at the intersections for money and digs in trash to sell junk to the pawn shop, perhaps he takes a loan from the bank, or commits an insidious crime by making deals with the devil ;P

We don't know the circumstances from before that time, it leaves a few questions for us, but it seems he's either planning to become successful or just on a unknowing path towards it.

He opens up his first store, selling tomatoes and other assortments from under his gazebo, eventually affording a hot dog stand, lemonade stand..
Across the road a business slowly deteriorates.. the lot goes on sale for dirt cheap, Frank's been there for a drink before, and imagines being the guy behind the bar and attempts to make enough money to purchase the lot before someone else does.. the plot would end right there and frank would become an alcoholic yodeling at cars under the blistering sun for the rest of his time, so he better raise that dough!

The restaurant is bought, it's a mess but the old customers are still there, he puts up a new sign, saves costs by not washing the dishes, makes inquiries with his drunk clients during his shifts, he's quite drunk himself which is why the orb he finds in the storage room wasn't as much of a shock as it could've been.

Besides the orb which I feel like is half of the story, I'll continue with the other half for now
As time passes Frank upgrades his restaurant, hiring new employees, furnishing it, even breaking the building down for new designs! Interesting characters arrive over time. You may need to manage your staff, assign their various duties, prioritize clients, cleanup after them, sack employees that underperform, stomp on rats!

So that's somewhat the first phase of the story, as the player moves along a tutorial which won't really be a tutorial cause when a person sees "tutorial" it's like noooo skip.
I'd like besides all the activities, for interaction with the clients to be part of the entertainment and like weird mini quests under certain conditions.. your tables are all full, and a customer's on the phone for those 10 seats they reserved.. your mini quest is to kick out existing clients, try to hurry them, or what ever options are available, which seems simple although I imagine that kicking out clients would have a negative impact on their future tips, their probability of visiting again, these 10 booked seats may only be a once off thing. who nose!
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