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    *This will change^^

    Masters of the Stone Age: MOSA
    *This is a work in progress that has come together rather quickly, in total about 48 hours.
    *All graphical work is temporary and designed in haste as place holders.

    MOSA: Is a 4X Strategy game modeled closely after the original Masters of Orion.
    In this setting, you control a fiction tribe after being teleported back in time by the
    "Masters" who have failed repeatedly to control the very early modern humans.
    Your job? Lead your tribe to conquer the cold hard lands of Zawei by means of
    Exploring the wild lands, Expanding you domain, Exploiting & Exterminating
    your enemies & allies alike!

    Now that's out of the way, here's how this development came about. A co-worker who games like me were discussing various games that generally got us into gaming and the types of games we play. Now, this co-worker is younger by about 10 years so he really didn't get to experience the days of MS-DOS and pre-WindowsXP gaming. I began ripping off games of old like Day of the Tentacle, Wing Commander, Roger Wilco, Ultima, and of course Master of Orion which I spent the most of my time playing in my early to late teen years.

    So after going down the rabbit hole, my co-worker knows about my other game developments said that it would be an awesome idea to remake some of those old games with my own spin on it as getting him to
    download an emulator and install on his craptop would be nearly impossible. So I decided to develop this and it just came together rather quickly (52 hours). No I by no means am a professional developer, after I've been self taught for around 1.5 years now and have completed my other two game developments yet. One requires network coding which is a whole'nother animal I'm not ready to conquer yet, and the other is in the artwork development phase after getting all the game mechanics working as intended. With my cheap $40 Amazon drawing tablet special, art takes me a lot of time before making something I'm happy with.

    Anyways, it's been exciting and refreshing so far and I've surprised myself with how easily this development has been. Things in the past I struggled to comprehend just seemed to come more naturally this time around.

    Single or Multiplayer? Single at first, if demand is high will add multiplayer in due time.
    Art style? Cartoon? Realistic? Pixel? Debating, keeping my options open.
    Mods? I'm leaning to but keeping options open.
    Free or Paid? For Android or iOS free with maybe Ads or a paid upgrade version, Windows Paid but low cost.
    Platform? Windows - PC, and maybe Android or iOS later.
    Release? I don't want to rush it, but doable within a couple months.

    Main Menu

    Tribe Select

    Currently still working the GUI which is moving fast and by itself is 50% of the game's development as it represents you the player character and how you interact with the world. Of the coding for it is obviously early in the development stage but the bare-bones are nearly laid down to begin building upon and expanding to other capabilities. Once it's finished I will do some polish and layout changes as necessary.

    You can watch the development videos here and follow to stay up to date as someone got upset at my other development as I was posting new videos every date incidentally causing my thread to stay towards top of page.


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    Jan 15, 2018

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