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Beta [WIP] AutoTiler - Tileset generator for GMS2 autotile function




is simple tool that will generate tileset which you can use in Game Maker Studio 2 autotiling function.

Projest is still in alpha state but I'm doingmy best to make it fully functional.
If you found any bugs, got some questions or have feature request, feel free to write your suggestions!


Download and project updates:
Download Autotiler


Autotiler is still in active development. I've just make few additions and changes to make AutoTiler more comfortable to use.

-added: ability to save and open previously saved project (currently olny one project can be saved)
-added: images are now resizing correctly
-added: fullscreen/windowed and close buttons in upper right corner
-added: quick messages showing at the bottom
-changed: resolution increased to 1080p
-changed: max tile size increased to 128 pixels
-fixed: image and settings menu showing over help screen.
-fixed: zooming is now aligned in center of the screen

If you have any feedback, fell free to post it!


Hi everyone!

Another update, and this time is a big one! Saving multiple projects is possible at last! But there is one catch, due to limitations of GMS2 they have to be saved in "Projects" directory (located in ":\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\GMS2___AutotileR"), otherwise you will get errors! This will be solved in future releses. You can find full changelog below.

+ - added
# - changed
* - fixed
+ file menu with ability to save projects as files so now user can save as much projecys as desired
+ button highlight for better feedback
+ zoom slider
+ added last tile with background
+ current project name at the top
+ popup windows (i.e. exit confirmation)

As always feel free to post any feedback ;)



I’ve returned to work on AutoTiler to add some features that will make it more flexible, universal and good looking (I know that it’s not the prettiest piece of software but I’m doing my best :) ).

First new feature is ability to disable sprites used in tileset. In example you can disable ground texture so you can use only walls to build your level.

I’ve also changed Image menu:

Now it is more clear and easier to use because you can see all images used in your tileset. As you can see in short instruction below the window, you just have to right click to hide given image on your tileset.

Second small but important addition is options menu where you can change preview background (because not everybody has to like defaut blue one :D ). Right now you will have four preinstalled backgrounds to choose.

That’s it for upcoming additions, let’s talk about the future of AutoTiler.

AutoTiler will soon be splitted in two editions: Basic and Pro edition.

Basic edition will contain features that it has right now: ability to load four images that are automatically assembled into tileset, saving and loading projects and so on. And it will always be free to use.

Pro edition on the other hand will be more expanded version. Here are some of the planned features that will be added:

  • enhanced tileset editing with ability to change all walls separately
  • new preview options to see how tileset will look like if used on level design
  • ability to load any image to use as preview background
  • more tileset options (transparency, color change)
First version of Pro edition will cost around 10$ and it will be on launch sale for some time.

f you want to support this software right now, you can make a donation through itch.io and you should do so if you are interested in Pro edition because every donator who will donate 5$ or more before release will receive free copy of AutoTiler Pro!

Both versions will be available in few weeks as I want to do some more tweaks and testing. I am also working on other projects so please be patient :)

See you soon!


Cool idea and it looks like you have some nice functionality.
Could I just suggest that you showcase it with some more vibrant images? The textures you're using at the moment are fairly similar to the template colours, so it's not immediately obvious what's changing. Maybe try something like a dirt path on grass or something using vastly different colours to your template images.


Good point. I was so focused at functionality that I forgot to showcase it properly :D. I will add some better looking images in next update. Thanks for feedback! :)


Not really. It's a tool that puts together images of walls and ground into a tileset that you can export to *.png and use it in your projects. AutoTiler is especially useful in Game Maker Studio 2 "autotiling" function, and it's designed around it. But you are not limited to that, you can use it in any engine that supports tilesets :).



AutoTiler is leaving alpha and moves straight to beta with new release!


+ option to disable images (right click)
+ program options window
+ ability to change background image (4 images to choose)
+ ability to change tooltips placing (below mouse pointer or bottom right of the window)
# new image change window
# new welcome window
# changed the way that window is drawn to fix resolution issues on monitors higher than 1080p

Stay tunned for Pro version! And remember that all donations of 5$ or above will get AutoTiler Pro for free!