Released Winter Of The Bomia




Hello to everyone!

Becaus I introduce me new game to you I wanted to wish you good luck to the new year!

Also I want to apologize for any possible grammar mistakes I make, I am not native english speaker.

Winter Of The Bomia is game I have created during 1+1=3 game jam. It was my first participation in game jam, so the aspect of creating a game in a week was big challenge for me. I manage to finish the game in time, but it contained a lot of serious bugs and flaws.
Recently I took some time and tried to repair the game, there are still possible issues I have not encountered, and there probably are some small bugs, but those should not interfere with the game play, the game play by itself should be playable now.
If you play the game, and possible give some feedback here, it would help a lot. Even if noone likes the game I do not regret finishing it, because I learn a lot during the development of WOTB.

It is a game with sci-fi story and text-based graphic. It consists of 3 parts:
3)topdown shooter

Planet Bomia is under invasion of alien race called Axiens. Wherever they go they bring winter and cold with them. Defenders are led by their governor, Lord Paltinson. The final battle that is going to decide the fate of the Bomia is about to begin.

Special thanks to Luděk Šťastný for testing the game.

Download link:

Now onto the screens.