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Windows Windows Sleep Margin?


I have a quick question.
The manual says my sleep margin should be 1 by default. I notice that in the global game settings it's at 10.

Do I set it back to 1, and what does this actually affect?


The default used to be 10, so if you load an old project it will just keep whatever was there.

After the game is done rendering a frame, it sleeps for a couple of milliseconds to wait for the next frame. What the sleep margin does is that it is a configurable length of time where the runner will sit in a tight loop waiting for the next frame to start - so setting higher values can help a game sync up properly with the screen and have more consistent fps. However, setting it too high will also increase the cpu used on idle by a lot, therefore you should choose a value that best fits your game.

I recommend 1 anyway.