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Mac OSX window_set_fullscreen() not working in OSX?


GMC Elder
Pretty simple really - I have a function in my game that works on Windows, but seems to do nothing when I run it in OS X. The code looks like this:
if (window_get_fullscreen()){
    } else {
Weirdly, window_get_fullscreen() seems to think that the game is still actually toggling between fullscreen and not, as inserting debug messages into this code shows that it does, in fact, try to toggle states.

Am I missing something here? Does window_set_fullscreen() not work on OSX? Would appreciate some help!


I believe the manual says that in order for this function to...function on OSX the "start in fullscreen" option must be enabled. Something to that effect.


I just tested a bunch of different combinations of options in the GGS and I found the ones that allow window_set_fullscreen to work in macOS.

These options must be checked:
  • "Allow the player to resize the window"
  • "Start in fullscreen mode" OR "Allow switching to fullscreen" OR both.
This was tested on both GM:S 1.4.1773 and GMS Runtime with macOS Sierra.