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Question - IDE Window Resize Event doesn't seem to be firing?



Hi, I'm in the process of building the camera for my game and I ran across an issue with window resizing. I allowed the user to resize the game window, but resizing it does not trigger the Event. (I checked this first using debug messages, then by calling game_end() from the event.) Am I doing something wrong? Is there something special I have to do for it to trigger? I saw this thread, but I'd rather use the provided function for organizational reasons. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I also found that the window resize event did nothing. I believe it's listed in the roadmap as something to be fixed.


As I said in topic you linked, it's for "METRO" applications, so it's for Windows 8 export in GM1.4 and probably only with UWP exporter in 2.0, maybe with HTML5.