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Steam "Win32 function failed" after Steam's client update



I have released my game on Steam yesterday and everything was working fine until the Steam client released the new update. After that, customers started to see a popup message first time they loaded a game.

The error is "Win32 function failed: HRESULT: 0x80070057". I was able to pinpoint the issue being on the steam_is_screenshot_requested() function.

- Error only happens on Windows (Only tested on windows 10). On Linux there is no problem.
- No error when the game launches and fine on the main menu. Only when users load a new game that is when the error pops up (maybe something to do with the textures loading?).
- No more errors after removing the steam_is_screenshot_requested().
- Hard to debug due to the error not occurring when running the game from the GMS2 editor. I had to upload a build to Steam in order to replicate and test what was causing the issue.
- I've tested on two different computers, one of them is running the latest windows Update and the other is not.

Not pointing fingers at anyone, i know this was after a Steam update but is there a chance this could be looked at ASAP? It's probably going to cause problems with more devs also.



How many users report the problem? Sometimes these issues pop up from gfx card running out of texture memory, or is faulty, or if you have done something unusual with surfaces. Do you do anything else when calling the function?

This error can occur without the function you mention, and that function works fine for my GM steam game currently, pre and post client update. You can test that function in GM2 editor, it works for me wqhen steam is enabled, I become signed in and the screenshot is registered.

Google that error specifically and you can find more, this thread may offer some pointers, but it is not always surface related, you should search the forum too.

IMO its most likely a user with an old or faulty gpu. However I may be wrong. If its GM bug as you probably know, you have ti submit to YYG thorugh the correcft channels, they wont pick up bug requests from the forum.
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