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Android / Amazon Fire Will 1.4 Games Ported to 2.0 Be Qualified For Google Play and IOS for mobile?

Wanted to know if games developed in 1.4 then ported into 2.0 can be uploaded to the Google and Apple mobile stores? I have been developing a game in 1.4 for simplicity sake and own 2.0 but often find it slows my basic needs down (drawing and sprite editing). I want to know before I invest anymore time in 1.4 as I am completely open to going 2.0 if I need to.


One factor that will be 100% different is IAP and ads, as GMS 1.4 has been past sunset for almost 2 years and so are the extensions for it.

On top of that, GMS 1.4-2.x conversion is not always perfect, especially for more complex projects. If you continue this "work-on-1.4-build-on-2.x" workflow, the imperfections will quite inevitably bite soon. The converter is meant for one-time conversion of existing projects, not repeated conversions of ongoing projects.

In short, if you are working on Android and iOS, migrating to and working on 2.x is a necessity, not an option.