HTML5 Wifi Attack - Our entry for the Opera Jam GX

Hi, this is the game my son and I built. We worked together very hard (he's 12 now) because we were completely newbies to Game Maker 2 (he just had done a small course before) so we really had to struggle to be able to do what we wanted to achieve. I also entered this competition to encourage my son to learn about programming videogames, so I really hope he's strengthened enough after the positive reviews we're getting at gamejolt.

Possible we'll make a mobile version of this game after the jam, since we'd really love to play this on the cellphones.

We hope you enjoy it.
Dad&Son Games



It's awesome, and it's very cool you make games with your son together. ♥

love the visuals, and different design touches of the enemies! And agree, would be a fun one to play on the mobile.


I really love this, great visuals and an authentic retro style.
As a first game you and your son should be really proud.

Reminds me a bit of of Xenon 2: Mega Blast - was it based on this?