Windows Wierd performance issues



I am testing my project by compiling to a .zip, and this weird bug occurs. When I run the executable the game was laggy (~50 FPS), however the show_debug_overlay() would give an FPS of ~200 (which is the expected value).

Now here is the real black magic. Whenever I have GM:S running, this bug goes away. I do not need to open this project, just the project selection window would keep the bug away.

Is anyone else also encountering this problem? I am in dire need of a fix. Any help would be much appreciated.

Have a nice new year.

P.S. My project is like 100MB so maybe it is a bad idea to send it around. Please tell me if you absolutely need to see the project.

P.P.S. Using GM:S 1.4 on Windows 10.


You could try increasing the Windows sleep time margin to 20+.
Setting it anything more than 16ms (16.6667 for 60fps, 33.333 for 30fps) wouldn't make a difference. See here.

For a 2D game that doesn't demand strong resources, I would recommend a sleep margin of 10ms. If you don't understand it, there are a few explanations about it somewhere on this forums.