Graphics Why? My pixel doesn't look like it is.


My design borders have 3 rounding pixels, but when I click Gamemaker, you only see 2 rounding pixels.

My graphic settings.
Anotación 2020-03-31 165042 _ 3.png

The aspect ratio I tried:
1: 1
16: 9

Grid: 64

Thanks in advance

3 pixel rounding

Anotación 2020-03-31 164744.png

2 pixel rounding

Anotación 2020-03-31 164744_2.png
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Perhaps anti aliasing/interpolation is on. Go to settings and turn it off. If working with pixel art games it’s a good idea to turn that off.:)


Thank you @Chaser Sorry friend, I forgot to put my graphical settings, but I already updated the entry. Above is the settings, everything is disabled.


I see fundamental differences between the two images.
For example on the top image the large gray and white background squares are 4x4 pixels. On the lower image they are 2x2 pixels.

Do you use views? What's the difference between view size and view port size? Cause comparing those two images I can go for 1:2.


Thank you @Psycho_666

Are you drawing it as a 64x64?
Yes, I am drawing it as a 64x64 from its beginning, it is not an enlargement to scale, it is a 64x64 drawing with a 4x4 brush that simulates 1 pixel of 16x16.

The issue that you have is either in the draw event somewhere or in the views settings.
Somewhere there is some sort of division, that changes the resolution of the tiles and that messes up the visualisation.
I am really new to gamemaker, I am 1 month old, and I did not understand what you mean.


I am really new to gamemaker, I am 1 month old, and I did not understand what you mean
OK, I may be wrong, but what I see is scaling.
What I see as an issue is somewhere in your game there is image scaling.
This may happen either in your object while drawing, in the rooms by view settings, maybe somewhere else, but I don't know.
What I do know is, that somewhere in your game something is crunching your graphics to a smaller size and that is where your pixel art changes.
I see 4x4 getting scaled into 2x2.

I may be completely wrong though, so if someone else have other ideas ease share.