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Why is the audio functionality so jumbly?


We have audio_sound_set_track_position. But then half the other set functions don't contain 'set' like audio_sound_gain.

Unless it's a getter in which case it's audio_sound_get_gain.

audio_sound_play? Nope, it's audio_play_sound.

audio_is_playing returns true even if a sound is paused.

audio_exists will cause a crash if the sound never existed.

and audio_is_paused will return true even if the sound has simply just ended and was not explicitly paused. Just kidding.

But it's not unlikely given the above quirks. Why is it like this?


Forum Staff
I agree that the naming of a few functions and default variables does seem a bit off (*cough* game_save_id), however I'd like to add that you are free to rename them to anything you'd like (that doesn't already exist) via macros or wrapper functions.