White space below the view of the room on the screen on iPad


Sometimes when testing the app on iPad simulator on the Mac the room is positioned higher up than where it should be and thus below you see white space

What is the cause of this?

Its only sometimes please note.

App was rejected also due to this reason. (even thought i did not set ipad as device target nor did i upload ipad screenshots)


oh shuks, it wont let me use an image upload site and then it wont let me upload an image on here saying its too large when its under 100Kb whats wrong with this site..

ok try this link

Coded Games

If the community is not able to answer your question you can also contact YoYoGames support: https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us

But the obvious debugging questions:
What version of GameMaker are you using?
MacOS version? Xcode version?

Apple has much stricter quality assurance than Google Play does. Even though your app isn't an "official" iPad app it still must work in Apple's iPhone -> iPad compatibility mode. The first obvious question is why doesn't your app just support iPads? Even if it's just a larger version of your regular app is there anything really stopping it from being a real iPad app?

Also you might want to switch what image host you use. I went to your website and basically all the images are blocked by my malware/ad blocker.
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Not sure the main issues was i was using Android in the description. I removed but they still said the same thing. Im new to Apple publishing so after asking them again finally realised that there were two description, And in the secondary description in had Android, so removed that aswell.

But in terms of iPad support, my room size is designed for iPhone or mobiles as in the aspect ratio. When tested on iPad 7th gen simulator, the app looks small on its screen lots of black space around it. Then you press the fullscreen icon and then it makes the app full height of screen but then theres still black spaces on the sides.

is that ok ?

Or do you need to make the room wider to have iPad Support.

Because other apps approved use the same room size and i dont select the iPad target device option in ios options or xcode setttings.

When doing clean target on the project in GMS2 i see these errors

RetrieveJSON - failed to find: J:\My Files\GameMaker2Projects\BeatDrop\views\0ad6f30b-b6e2-4c64-b17d-ed3d7faf0a6d.yy
RetrieveJSON - failed to find: J:\My Files\GameMaker2Projects\BeatDrop\views\13fff988-5841-4fdb-8dde-23c799d00d12.yy
RetrieveJSON - failed to find: J:\My Files\GameMaker2Projects\BeatDrop\views\3ff7a686-e8c6-4e7e-822a-995007984208.yy
RetrieveJSON - failed to find: J:\My Files\GameMaker2Projects\BeatDrop\views\4185c2a3-9d70-4769-b8b7-0f6483c2501f.yy
RetrieveJSON - failed to find: J:\My Files\GameMaker2Projects\BeatDrop\views\420c3b98-4ac3-457e-868c-730a5f1de750.yy
RetrieveJSON - failed to find: J:\My Files\GameMaker2Projects\BeatDrop\views\48de5e7e-dad9-4394-9821-b655abe80351.yy
RetrieveJSON - failed to find: J:\My Files\GameMaker2Projects\BeatDrop\views\92b5986b-5705-489f-8184-03a76bf99e2d.yy
RetrieveJSON - failed to find: J:\My Files\GameMaker2Projects\BeatDrop\views\a9fbcae6-9d85-405a-a48b-2703ba023496.yy
RetrieveJSON - failed to find: J:\My Files\GameMaker2Projects\BeatDrop\views\ad80ebdd-8a2a-48b3-b5a6-65b933c893d4.yy
RetrieveJSON - failed to find: J:\My Files\GameMaker2Projects\BeatDrop\views\d19dfae8-aca6-4d44-a4ca-a2e10f1ab5c4.yy
RetrieveJSON - failed to find: J:\My Files\GameMaker2Projects\BeatDrop\views\daf95cee-e6cc-4153-859e-be9d84d7ca9a.yy
RetrieveJSON - failed to find: J:\My Files\GameMaker2Projects\BeatDrop\views\debc9cf3-893e-44a3-b120-5e236a6fb051.yy
RetrieveJSON - failed to find: J:\My Files\GameMaker2Projects\BeatDrop\views\e043e52a-6dc0-45bd-a7e8-16e30bc37ea6.yy
RetrieveJSON - failed to find: J:\My Files\GameMaker2Projects\BeatDrop\views\e5de0f73-632f-4ab0-a03d-ddc7e55d901b.yy
RetrieveJSON - failed to find: J:\My Files\GameMaker2Projects\BeatDrop\views\e92a2033-effc-4f34-a798-696d4c8b2f38.yy
RetrieveJSON - failed to find: J:\My Files\GameMaker2Projects\BeatDrop\views\ef16317b-a972-4337-b38d-5ef45b9a9a44.yy
RetrieveJSON - failed to find: J:\My Files\GameMaker2Projects\BeatDrop\views\f6a9c631-2ebb-40e7-85cb-7bf12f28682b.yy

Could this be the reason? The other difference with this room in the app is that the room height is like double other rrom sizes, about 2048px, and has about 4 viewports. (But displays fine on actual iPhone)
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This is the messages in the XCode debug console when running on simulator and it shows this issue

Screen size is 1536.000000,2048.000000
2020-05-29 21:39:29.938385+0100 BeatDrop[13677:486155] * * * * * * Register audio Interruption callback * * * *
2020-05-29 21:39:30.196399+0100 BeatDrop[13677:486155] [plugin] AddInstanceForFactory: No factory registered for id <CFUUID 0x600000158360> F8BB1C28-E8-11D6-9C31-00
2020-05-29 21:39:30.516570+0100 BeatDrop[13677:486155] Failed to make complete framebuffer object 8219
2020-05-29 21:39:30.700417+0100 BeatDrop[13677:486155] Attempting to find closest match in the splashscreens that we should have for what our display resolution is
2020-05-29 21:39:35.764994+0100 BeatDrop[13677:486155] View did appear
2020-05-29 21:39:35.815706+0100 BeatDrop[13677:486155] [Warning] Trying to set delaysTouchesBegan to NO on a system gate gesture recognizer - this is unsupported and will have undesired side effects
2020-05-29 21:39:36.416330+0100 BeatDrop[13677:486155] InitRunner
2020-05-29 21:39:36.435440+0100 BeatDrop[13677:486155] FreeSplash
2020-05-29 21:39:36.442906+0100 BeatDrop[13677:486155] FreePNGFile()
2020-05-29 21:39:44.064232+0100 BeatDrop[13677:486155] FreeSplash - finished


I seem to have resolved...

In regards to the Design; Preamble:
We were able to replicate the issues In particular the white space at the bottom of the screen and the screen shifted upwards as to obscure some of the GUI.

We did some thorough testing and contacted several other developers.

We were only able to replicate this issue on Simulated devices and not real devices. On real iPhone devices this issue is not present so it would not affect end users.

We were able to fix this issue on both iPhone and iPad simulators. The cause of this issue is not an app / xcode coding issue as such but rather an issue with the simulators in particular the keyboard or keyboard settings. For some reason when testing the app on the simulators if you type using the hardware (Mac) keyboard it will cause the virtual keyboard to become hidden and thus it is not possible to return the screen to the normal position.

We found solutions in these help sites:

So if the anyone elsel has this issue its an issue with your simulator and what you need to do is click on the simulator and;
Simulator -> Hardware -> Keyboard -> Toggle Software Keyboard should solve this problem

The keyboard will then popup and you can enter the text and then press Return on the keyboard to hide it. Once the keyboard is hidden the screen will shift back down and the white space will be gone. As Already stated end users using real devices (not simulators) will most likely not experience this issue.

To be honest an experienced Apple app reviewer should be aware of this.