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Discussion White Screen of Death on Dell D6000 dock



So, I am using a Latitude 7280 for mobile development (read: development on the go, not mobile platform). It attaches to a D6000 dock from Dell, which is giving me issues. When the dock is disconnected, GMS2 opens just fine. When it is connected, the UI seems to freeze graphically.

If I open GMS2 connected, I get a white screen as shown in the images, but the mouse still reacts to the buttons that should be there and I can click and use them (such as the new project, shown in the images).

If I open GMS2 and then connected to the dock, the same occurs at whatever stage of the program I was using- buttons and clickables work, but the main window does not update graphically.

Not sure if there's a fix for this, since it's a very specific issue, but would be great if there was!GMS2 1.PNG GMS2 2.PNG