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Windows White flashes in runner


Hello everyone,
I'm currently setting up GMS2 on someone's computer so we can work together on the project I'm working on, and I've noticed every time we launch the game runner, there are white flashes happening in-game every few seconds.
This does not happen on my computer and happens no matter what project is loaded into GMS2 (downloaded demo projects from the internet to test things).
His computer is on Windows 7, he has 2 screens, any idea what might cause this ?
Thanks :)


I recently tried a game posted by a member here and had trouble running it in a particular one of my 3-screen setup. The other two had no problem.
Have you tried setting the other monitor as the main display?


This is probably a problem with the machine / videocard / monitor / drivers. Does it happen in other games / programs? Maybe try setting synchronisation (display_set(4, true)); ?