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Graphics Which looks better?



Thanks for clicking on the link and seeing my post. I am making a room where you are on a snowy mountain and I'm making it so you see the snowy floor but also the 'side' of the mountain. This is done in 3/4 view I think (RPG - Like HeartBeast's). I don't know if I should go with a solid colour that fades or a cobble stone effect? My game is meant to be kinda like HLD.

1 or two.PNG

Should it be 1 or 2? You decide!


1 looks to basic and it might make people think that your game is unfinished when you release it or show it off.
In my opinion, I really like number 2. It looks very pleasing and provides a finished look. Great work! :)
Can you provide some example screens of the sprites in use? It's hard to judge based solely on this picture; obviously the second one would look better when compared to a solid coloured image, but maybe in context wouldn't work quite as well as the first.


Yep - I've gone with 2 as well :)
Check it out in my Lane game!