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Where to start?



Hi everyone,

I am using the trial version, I easily and quickly completed the bundled tutorial on GML. For the past few days I have been looking around the internet for other resources on learning this language. Most of them; however, are much more advanced than a person who had just completed the tutorial could be able to comprehend.

There are so many built in variables and functions! I don't even know where to start. How is a person supposed to move from zero knowledge of any of this to being able to follow along with the available resources on GML? Tell me like I am five or like I am dumb is fine, better than being completely out of my depth.



Look up tutorials that teach you how to do simple arcade games like scrolling shooters and brick breaker. Then whenever you see a new built-in function or variable, put it on pause and look it up in the Manual with the Index tab. Don't get greedy by going for big RPG and online tutorials at this level.

I also have a list of points that you should keep in mind while reading or watching these tutorials.