Where to set depth in GM2?


I'm new to GM2. I used the old one a lot, but GM2 I just got two days ago. Anyways, I was wondering where you set object depth in the object's properties. I know you can just set an event saying:
depth = [your depth];
but this messes up room editing and it makes the object seem weirdly placed. If anyone can help with this simple issue, it would be great


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You don't. the object instance is set to the depth of the layer it's added onto in the room editor


You'll also notice that instance_create is now instance_create_depth. That's a pretty significant change.

You can still set the variable depth in the create event if you want. The variable simply changes the layer that the instance is on, creating a new layer if needed. But that shouldn't be necessary anymore unless you want to override the "depth" part of instance_create_depth.