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Hey everyone,

I am working on a game project using GameMaker: Studio Professional Edition (v.1.4.9999) and because Studio 1 is no longer available on the YoYo Games website (at least from what I could find; correct me if I'm wrong), I am the only one who can currently work it.

I would very much like to have other people help me work on this project, so I'm wondering if there are any (legitimate and legal) sources where I can get product keys for the Professional edition of GameMaker: Studio.

Thanks very much!


I found some suspiciously cheap keys on G2A, but since a lot of their products are bought with stolen credit cards and are then re-sold, I wouldn't be too quick to buy from one of their third-party vendors. I suppose if you get desperate enough, you can take G2A for a whirl. That would never be my first choice, however. I would always approach keys from secondhand sources with skepticism.
Unfortunately, this was all I found with an admittedly hasty search. Unless you bought GM:S on Steam and are willing to share your account with these people (a move that would be misguided on multiple levels and for an extensive assortment of reasons), you might be out of luck. Someone else might prove me wrong, however. I'm not terribly up-to-date with these matters.


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Re-selling software may be legal in some parts of the world. But unfortunately, many sites also deal with pirated software. And sometimes the software is bundled with malicious or dangerous addons. I strongly recommend you avoid them.

I think your best option is to advertise here in the Collaboration forum. Many GMC members still have their Studio 1 license, even if they upgraded to Studio 2. Maybe you can find a teammate here.

And I'll close this topic, so it doesn't invite people to post links to suspicious sites.
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