Where do examples go (if anywhere)?



I recently came across this thread in which a user was looking for a multiplayer platformer example. I referred them to the project files that went along with my GM:S networking tutorial on YouTube. The tutorials are embarrassing and just plain bad (changing stuff in between tutorials, etc), but the source code is working (and I believe well commented). I find it to be a good deal less complicated then the networking example from YoYo Games, which "pollutes" the networking code by throwing it into an already relatively complex and polished platformer example.

I was reminded that these examples that I made could be useful to people who have trouble learning about GM:S networking from the manual. The problem is that I don't really have the desire to make a tutorial on these, at least not one that would meet the standards I hold myself to or the standards held by the Tutorials board moderators.

I remember on the old GMC there was a place for people to put "as-is" examples (or maybe I'm incorrect).

It seems like kind of a waste to just do nothing with them though, as they could be useful.




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The Tutorials Forum is primarily for tutorials. But we accept some non-tutorial examples and "engines", if they meet basic standards. We generally require they be fairly complete -- i.e. a template others can use to build a game, or learn from. The code should have a reasonable level of comments, properly terminated lines (mostly), and follow an accepted formatting style.

If the example is not a complete "engine", it should focus on explaining one specific idea. But examples that are partial games, or abandoned games, or contain several different ideas in a single project, usually won't be accepted.

You can PM me with more specific questions. I'm happy to help.